Houston Cabinets personnel are:

Experienced – Our key employees have a combined 200+ years in the manufacturing of commercial casework and millwork.  This gives us the edge in terms of being able to fulfill the needs of the customer.


Capable – With that Experience, our capabilities shine through in the design, manufacture, assembly and installation processes.  Should you ever have any needs, questions or concerns, we will strive to fulfill them in a timely manner.


Focused – Our Focus and attention to detail is what has gotten Houston Cabinets to where it is today and where the company wants to go in the future.  Let’s face it, in general, commercial casework and millwork is a relatively standardized product.  Where we stand out is our ability to plan and schedule with a keen eye on customer service and its delivery to our clients.


Team Oriented – The Houston Cabinets staff is an experienced team with no communications barriers. We office in the same facility, which gives the estimators, designers, project managers, manufacturing personnel, sales staff and senior management the ability to take a consultative approach to product delivery.  We call this approach “Under One Roof” with emphasis on open communication and mistake free product delivery.


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