For over 17 years, Houston Cabinets has been designing and manufacturing custom, commercial plastic laminate casework and millwork for clients in Texas.  Like the city that is its namesake, the company has made a name for itself through hard work, determination, and a "Performance to Spec" attitude.


After 20 years in the construction industry, Rick Keschinger started the company with a vision of producing a tangible, quality product engineered for multiple uses in a variety of industries.  Today, you can find our product in the following industries:


The Vision of Houston Cabinets is simple, maintain a size that is, by definition, big enough to fulfill a contract on time and with ensured quality standards yet not too large that we lose control of our product, our commitments, or our ability to respond as requested by you, our client.


Houston Cabinets management  has over 100+ years of combined casework and millwork production and design experience.  We occupy a 35,000 SF facility located in central Houston and have the manufacturing capability, technology, flexibility, bonding capacity, and commitment to cater to all of our clients' needs.  Houston Cabinets employs  qualified, experienced Project Managers, Estimators, Shop Foremen, CAD designers and Linemen, who we consider to be the company's biggest assets.


• Medical          • Office                    • Financial Institution      • Education

• Religious        • Oilfield Camps        • Offshore Oil Rigs          • Sports Complexes


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